so, you're here. i was going to use this as a spot to decode my works, but for now i think i'll just explain it. i consider this page the closest you'll ever get to actually being in my mind. it's what i'm willing to share, to an audience of whoever i choose. as of now, i've written in here for almost three years, and only one person has seen it. they were horrified. after they saw, i changed the name of the page. to protect, because people are only ever going to see this when i want them to. it's my most private piece. because i'm slightly open. i fear opening up so much. it's stupid. anyways. the narthex is a collection of my thoughts and feelings of the last 3 years. most major events have been written here, as well as just my thought process and the change i have gone through. i think i'll try and date my pieces after this. it would disambiguate them a bit, but at the same time, i love the shield of mystery i have. you can piece everything together, but only after finishing the book. i do repeat myself through quite a few pieces, but it's not as if i've written them at the same time. each piece is of a different time, even with the same theme. i write in the hopes that by getting them out, they'll leave, or lessen. this only works around 40% of the time. it's getting better though, i promise. anyhow, if you're here, congratualtions! this is probably the only time you'll see this page. i'm very set on making this an excessively exclusive page. i can't believe i'm even writing this, but please, don't screenshot my works. don't ruin this for me. it's like a diary. i'm going to say something off key, but bear with me. if i'm ever to kill myself, i think i'll give someone my account info. just so they can see if they wanted to. i'm a little proud of my works, i like them. i couldn't bear to just leave them alone. i've already left the keys to this page somewhere in my digital footprints, you just have to look really, really, really hard. but hey, what's the fun in just giving away the keys?

, well, thanks for reading the precursor. want to continue?