surfer girl

surfer girl, in so much love
soul free, like a dove
riding waves, seeing the sun kiss the sea goodnight
it was love
but pain
she had no love at the sea
the love she had was inland
her lover had been there for her
but was only a poser
faking love to get what he wanted
she thought his love was genuine
he didnt care enough to notice the pain in her eyes
he only saw what he wanted
he wanted her body, her uses
and she wasnt his only want
his other girls thought they were special in his heart
but he truly did not care
she found out about his lie of love
and she was distraught
a few weeks went by
no one had heard from the surfer girl
weeks ago, she had walked into the sun kissed sea, pockets heavy
the beauty of the water crushed her lungs
like a twig
she saw the red
and orange
and the beauty of sun kissed water
as she faded into the abyss