central fall.

You wake up, and look out your bedroom window. The sunbeams hit your face, making you warm, and cozy. Your room has a golden hue to it now that the sun is up. You decide to bike to a café downtown to get breakfast. You pick out a cozy sweater and jeans to wear today. You put your backpack on and head out. You unlock your bike from its spot on your front porch, and you head towards the café. The autumn wind is sharp and cool, and your cheeks get rosy as you warm up in the sun. finally you reach the café, and you order a coffee and a pastry. The pastry is buttery and sweet, and reminds you of your childhood, and baking with your family. As you eat, you decide to catch up on some reading. As you look out, all the beautiful colors of autumn reflect in the puddles on the side of the street. You bike to the park, and feed the geese some leftover pastry you have. The sky starts to become a marbled slate grey, and you decide to head home. At home, you decide to clean up, and try baking. You decide to make a spice bread, with a thin glaze. You mix the spices, and the scent of nutmeg stands out, reminding you again of your childhood. The rain gets heavier, and you decide to go out. You put on your rain boots and grab an umbrella, and head out. You jump in the puddles, stomping around like you did years ago. You smile, and look up to the sky to see a rainbow. A tear rolls down your cheek, as you realize you will never get those years back. You head inside, and the smell of spice bread warms the room. You eat a slice, and the aromas make you feel nostalgic. You head up to bed, and the sounds of rain hit the roof as you ease into the warmth of sleep.

even as time passes, the consistiency of equinoxes remains.