end of fall.

You wake up to the sound of rain hitting the leaves of trees, the sky a cold grey. You walk downstairs and turn on your tv to watch the news. The weatherman says there is a severe flooding warning, and that everyone should avoid leaving home. Today you decide to do some crafts. You go to your craft closet and get a ball of yarn and two knitting needles. You choose a soft, thick grey yarn. You start knitting a square, growing bigger and bigger. The square is as big as your torso now. You pause for a moment to make tea, and you hear a cry at the door. You open the door, and a small furball is crouched on the ground. You pick it up, and its coated in mud. Its green eyes are full, and sad. You take the furball inside and wash it in the sink, and all the mud washes off. You get a clean towel and dry the furball. The furball turns out to be a light grey and white, green eyed kitten, skinny and hungry. You look in your fridge and find some leftover chicken and rice, a perfect meal for the kitten. You warm it in the microwave, and put it on the ground by the heater. The kitten wanders over and quickly eats the chicken and rice, meowing happily after finishing. You get a woven basket and put the newly knit grey blanket into in, making a perfect new bed for the kitten. You put it in your room by your bed, a perfect spot. You go downstairs and make yourself a cup of tea, listening to the thunder. The mint tea hits your throat and warms you, while cooling your mouth at the same time. After drinking the tea, you start to feel sleepy, so you pick up the kitten and head up to bed. You put the kitten in its new basket, and it curls into a ball and falls asleep, calmly purring. You get into your bed, heart filled with warmth and happiness.

and now that the day's done, the temperancy of change appears, as seasons go on.