early fall.

this one does need a bit of a preface. i feature halloween candy in this one. however if you don't celebrate halloween, just imagine regular candies. thank you!

You wake up, and you see the sun, buried behind thick clouds, edged with gold. It’s the start of fall. You put the kettle on the stove, and brew a cup of tea, the steam from the cup warms your face. You start thinking about making breakfast, and you plan. Pumpkin spice french toast starts frying on the stove, the smells making you wake up. After eating breakfast, you decide to walk to the library. You put on a beanie and jacket, feeling warm. On the way to the library, you see some beautiful fallen leaves, in swirls of yellow and orange, being carried by the brisk fall winds. At the library, you pick a few thriller movies, and decide to walk down to the grocery store and get some snacks. You pick a bag of Halloween chocolates, and a yellow squash, for soup. As you walk home, you see the geese flying over you, and it saddens you to see them go. Once you get home, you pick a movie, and start playing it. You cook the squash down into a thin, sweet soup. As you drink it, your stomach warms and it makes you calm. Then you eat a few of the chocolates, finishing your movie. You turn off the tv, and head up to bed. You climb into bed, warm and covered in soft fabrics and comfort. You fall asleep, warm and happy.

the day has ended, yet still the seasons change.